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Ultimate Calculator is a simple command-line calculator
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Ultimate Calculator is a simple command-line calculator. The program is just an executable that your Windows will run in a DOS window. The calculator asks you to enter the first number you want to use, the operation that you want to perform, and the second number you want to use. After entering each piece of information, you should press the "ENTER" key. Once you've entered the three components of your arithmetic operation, the program will display the result on the screen, and will prompt you to press any key to continue. Once you do that, the program will end.

This tiny calculator may come in handy, but only if you want to do basic calculating (only addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations) with just two numbers. No square roots, exponentiation or other operations are allowed. No more than one calculation before the program shuts down.

This program has no graphical interface. Granted that Windows users already have a better calculator preinstalled in their systems, I guess they will hardly ever need to use this one, which seems to be just a beginner´s programming exercise.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free


  • It does just basic operations, with just two numbers. One operation at a time
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